Wish you could stay all day? So do we...

As therapists we enjoy long luxurious treatments, almost as much as you! We find it pleasurable to be given
the time to take our clients on a journey. It centers and calms us, and allows our true talents to take effect.  
So stay as long as you like.  

We can offer you a drink and some time out. If you enjoy a particular style of music, please
request it in your room.  We would like to work with you to make your visit uniquely special.  In every appointment
we encourage your input. Everybody has something they love, and we would like you to get it here at Glow Girl.
Our treatment menu is only a guideline to what we can offer, if you need something specific please ask.  For
example it's not too crazy to ask for a bum facial.


Glow Girl offers the following services to both men and women, click on your preferred service for more information:

Dermalogica Facials

GlowGirl uses and recommends Dermalogica Skin Care productsAt Glow Girl we combine advanced techniques, expert advice and the Dermalogica Skin Care System. Each facial is specifically designed for you after a detailed consultation. This ensures maximum benefits, optimum skin health and complete relaxation.

Dermalogica does not test on animals although some products do contain animal products such as honey. Our staff are well informed and know which products cannot be used during vegan facials or body treatments.

We have a reputation for gorgeous facials…

Ultimate Facial Package

Treatment time 2hrs $230

Why not have it all?   This package really takes advantage of the things we have to offer. Your toes or hands would be painted before the facial to allow time for them to dry.


  • Intensive Facial
  • Brow Shape and/or Tint
  • Lash Tint
  • Decollette Treatment
  • Contour Eye Treatment
  • Repaint Hand or Feet
An upgrade to a Hydrabrasion facial is available for $50.

Intensive Facial    

$144  -  70 minutes

$110  -  70 minutes all day Thursdays

A specialised facial which includes all of the detailing. Cleanse, exfoliant, a face massage, mask. Hot towels, extractions and tweezing as necessary.

*Includes shoulder & neck massage.

Classic Facial

$124  -   50 minutes

A perfect introduction to skin care, includes a cleanse, exfoliant and mask.

* Includes shoulder & neck massage.

The Blokes Facial

$134  -   50 minutes

Cleanse, exfoliation and a mask tailored to your skins needs. This facial also includes hot towels and extractions, trimming or face waxing/tweezing as required.

And... a shoulder, neck and head massage too.

Flash Facial

$64  -   20 minutes

Dryness, congestion, dehydration or irritation can be addressed in this quick relaxing facial. It goes perfectly with your regular brow or lash appointment.

Teenage Introduction to Skin Care

$64   -   20 minutes

A targeted face treatment which includes extractions if needed, some guidance and samples. Only 20 minutes, so as to hold their attention!

For $30 extra you can take home a Dermalogica Clear Skin Introduction pack.


Decollette Treatment

$17 - with facials

If you would also like us to treat your delicate, sun damaged chest area this is the extra for you.

Brow Shaping / with Tinting

$17 - with facials

Eyelash Tints

$17 - with facials

$110 Intensive Facials all day Thursdays


Facial Peels

To enhance results we recommend either a series of professional peels or using the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel at home.  Please ask us for advice.

Pro Power Peels

$95   -   30 mins

Peel Package

4 peels for $320

These peels can be customized, combined and layered to suit a combination of skin needs.

A brightening Lactic Acid peel that targets ageing.

Advanced Renewal
A Gycolic Acid peel resufaces and helps minimise lines and wrinkles.

A multi Acid Peel that targets blemishes and the appearance of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Pro Power Peel Facial

$144 - 60 mins

Instead of the usual 30 minute Peel Only treatment, this peel is offered within a facial.   
Included is a nourishing and calming mask, an eye mask and a relaxing shoulder and head massage.


Hydrabrasion Facials

Using a diamond tipped applicator, Hydrabrasion helps loosen pore plugs, thoroughly removes dead skin cells and intensely hydrates the skin using customised botanicals. Perfect for stimulating micro circulation which increases collagen and elastin production. Hydrabrasion instantly brightens
and smooths skin.

Classic Hydrabrasion Treatment

$154   -   1 Hour

Includes skin diagnosis, cleanse, hydrabrasion using customised botanicals, mask, prescribed serum and moisturiser with SPF.

For more info on Hydrabrasion go to FAQs.

Intensive Hydrabrasion Treatment

$196   -   90 minutes

Includes skin diagnosis, double cleanse, hydrabrasion using customised botanicals, massage, mask, prescribed serum and moisturiser with SPF. We also treat the delicate chest area with this treatment.   

For more information on Hydrabrasion go to FAQs.


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Body Treatments


Hot Oil Body Wrap & Flash Facial

$140 - 70mins

This is an extremely nourishing, light hot oil massage and body wrap. It includes dry body brushing and a flash facial, making you look as good as you will feel. This treatment is a real gift.

Add brow shaping and/or lash tinting to this treatment for only $15 each.

Upgrade to a Classic Facial for an extra $50.

Full Body Massage

$100    -   1 hour

Pregnancy Massage

$100    -   1 hour

Back, Shoulders and Head Massage     

$55   -   30 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

$100 - 1hr 

Heated stones warm and relax the body during massage.

Foot Massage with Scrub

$60   -   30 minutes

Re-paint only on hands or feet


Back Skin Care Treatment

$68   -   30 minutes

Body Polishing

$50   -   20 minutes

You'll feel invigorated, relaxed and incredibly smooth.

Dry Body Brushing

$30   -   15 minutes

Improve the benefits of your massage or as a stand alone treatment. This short
relaxing treatment feels great and will detoxify and energise your whole body.


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Eye Openers


   Eyelash tint - $33

   Eyelash and Brow Tint - $48

   Brow Wax - $33

   Brow Wax with tint  - $33

   Brow Tint only - $22


  All these are only $17 each when had with any facial!

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Hygiene is a priority.   We use the best quality waxes which are vegan friendly.  If you want something thats not listed here please don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember - this is our profession and we are happy to wax anywhere you may need it. As a general rule we charge $5 for 5 minutes of waxing on extra areas during your waxing treatment.

Womens Waxing:

  Brow Shaping - $33   Half Leg - $38
  Underarm - $25   Half Leg + Bikini - $58
  Arms - $44   Half leg plus high bikini - $65
  Lip - $20   Half leg plus Brazilian - $90
  Chin - $12  ($8 with other treatments)   Full leg - no bikini - $67
  Bikini - $33   Full Leg + Bikini - $80
  High Bikini - $38   Full Leg + high Bikini $85
  Full Bikini / Brazilian - $70   Full Leg + Full Bikini - $118
  Novelty Shapes - $80 - $90   5 mins extra - $8

  Tuesday is our discount waxing day.  Please ask us how this works. 

  We have a loyalty discount card for Brow Shaping and also Brazilians.

Mens Waxing:

   Chest and shoulders - $60    Legs - $80
   Back - $60    Clipping back or chest - $40
   Brazilian - $92    Ears or Nose - $10
   Buttocks - $22    Feet or Hands only - $20
   Butt Crack only - $30    Full arm wax includes hands - $52
   Half arm wax - $32  

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       Please note that all pricing includes GST